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Master your coffee skills, whether you're a barista or just a coffee fan.

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Coffee Lab School is an educational playground for people who cast their lot with coffee. If you own a coffee shop, work as a barista or you’re just a coffee fan, it is a place where you can learn even more about this drink. Our school gives a real-life experience of a coffee shop, where our students learn how to make a quality coffee step by step.

Our team

People that are going to teach you all the magic: 

  • Andrew Shimmer photo

    Garry Bee

    Master of creations

    Garry is a real coffee chef for he makes new recipes, which he will share with you too. If you want to make a perfect coffee blend and learn the secrets of a delicious coffee, ask him how.

  • Ann Maisner photo

    Anna Leno

    Latte master

    Anna is in charge of the aspiring coffee artists. You will learn the different techniques of coffee art, and, through her lessons, you will learn how to make a perfect canvas on the latte foam.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Tomas Hetch

    Best owner of a bar

    Tomas is a veteran bar owner. If you want your coffee place to be a home to your clients, Tomas will teach you how to structure a coffee business from a big ambition to a famous go-to venue.



Barista work license course

If you feel you have to be the one making wholesome coffee, this crash course will give you the basics of working with a coffee machine, barista's responsibilities, and a tour around the kitchen.- 3-days Course- $265

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Advanced barista course

There is always space for improvement, even if you are an experienced barista. This week-course will improve your skills in coffee blending and coffee shop management. If you want to upgrade skills as a barista, start your coffee business, or improve one make sure to enroll now!- 7-days Course- $450

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Latte art course

Turn each coffee you make into a masterpiece with Latte Art Course.- 5-days Course- Special offers for bars owners! - $350

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Coffee like a pro at home

If find yourself asking too much at coffee shops, try making coffee professionally yourself. Become a pro coffee maker at home, then invite your friends for a chat to impress them with your coffee.- 5-days Course- $250

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Our coffee machines

Machines you will use to learn. We are working only with the best ones!



An easy-to-use machine with solid functionality. It is compact and portable with a simple design and good ergonomics. We also have a Smart for tall cups of up to 5 inches.



The developed aesthetic and usability design of the Extravaganza allows preparing any coffee drink with zero effort. The menu of the machine has both cold and hot items so you can get one with a single button.


Super Smart

It is a professional coffee machine, which is easy to handle. All the processes are automatized so every cup of coffee you make is delicious and tastes like a hand-crafted one.

Our favorite coffee recipes

Service picture

Cold latte

To make the number one summer coffee, mix espresso, milk, syrup, and ice cubes. Blend everything until it looks like a one-piece liquid. Pour the mix into glasses and decorate the glass with whipped cream, optionally.


Quality coffee approved by experts.


Vanilla coffee



Vienna Arabica special



La Arabica special



What our students and clients talk about us!

“I am the kind of person that can sing odes to coffee. At the school, I learned to make the perfect coffee at home, so now I have no reason to leave it at all, hah.”

Gallery image

Mary Woolen


Gallery image

John Jeely

Coffee Enthusiast

Gallery image

Lilly Blues

Bar Owner


Coffee trends
August 22, 2018

What's up with flat white?

There was always feud between those who never leave the boundaries of classics and those who put double syrup in their latte with a straw, but flat white is something they both find good. Here is everything you wanted to ask about flat white.

July 22, 2018

How pour over changed the concept of a coffee bar

One of our students shares her experience changing the format of her place to the one serving pour over as the menu highlight. She shares her ideas on the audience she works with and the risk that she took.

June 22, 2017

Taste guide: how to please any taste

We have prepared some insightful infographics to show you the most combinable tastes so you can try them as a barista or order something new as a coffee lover.


Coffee Lab School keeps the doors open for those who want to learn more about coffee. Or, if you just want to have a good coffee, come and taste it. Hit us up!


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